Ark deep sea loot crate coordinates the island

The In-Sea Loot Crate is the Beacons underwater associates and the loot box from the Cave. They look like crates looted red caves and require players to reach level 80 to access them. Crates lay in certain locations on the seabed in sand or on rocks, and madrona contain one or two of the various items or Blueprints listed below generally higher than other source Goods Quality, including fair chance of Ascendant quality and ark deep sea loot crate coordinates.

Two Sea Sea Loot Crates originally started at the beginning of a server that only despawn when plundered or the server was shut down, with only one laying loot laying every 25 minutes. If both cases are looted for at least 45 minutes must pass from the moment the first chest is looted before the two chests will be respawned. There is a possibility in a PVE server for a single location to get both chests, but this has not been tested on a PVP server yet. On Scorched Earth there will be 4 Sea Loot Fighter at the same time, respawn time need further testing. In Ragnarok 5-6 Loot Inside Seal that can be looted at once, respawn time needs further testing. see for more info photography reference

Crates can not be prevented from spawning through the structure and will even lay eggs inside the foundation regardless of the game mode.

Red and ambient lights are only visible when using SCUBA Mask, otherwise it will be a bleak blue sea color that is very easy to miss.

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